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GR Master Closets

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When we moved to Vegas, we were super excited to have two closets in our bedroom. This house gave us two even bigger closets! And here is where we started...

This is my closet. It's a little deeper than Trey's, and has a weird angle at the end of the right side.

And this is Trey's closet, a straight forward rectangle. This is also where Trey plans on putting some of the major electrical work.

GR MB closet plans

I prefer to hang as much as I can. If I can see it, I will wear it. I have a specific amount of hangers, so when I buy something new, I get rid of something. I also purge seasonally, but I don't buy more than what I can hang. I have found that it forces me to be more thoughtful in my purchases. Is this new item worth getting rid of something else? This system helped me figure out my style, and helps me to truly love everything that I have. So I know how wide of a space I need for my clothes. I do a double rod for shirts (long sleeves on bottom, everything else on top), a single rod for dresses and skirts, and a corner unit that I can stack clothes on or store bins for seasonal stuff. The last piece is a shelf and drawer combo. I bought the last piece and the corner piece at HD in 2004. They make versions of this piece, but not quite the same thing. That corner piece has been so valuable that we have made a version of it in every house we have been in. It started by making one for the girls' closet, while installing the original one from our old house to this one. We made two for a client's bathroom renovation, for our rental, and for a friend's master makeover.

In this closet, I actually have more room than in my last, so I added one more space for skirts and blazers. Unfortunately, it helped me to add way more clothes than I needed. Sometimes a bigger closet isn't always what we need.

We started by taking out all of the metal bracket shelf things that I absolutely detest! Then we added Flor carpet tiles to both closets.

I chose Lasting Grateness in platinum for my closet, something feminine and classy. We chose Hey Jack for Trey's closet and used the leftover tiles to do the Party Pantry. Unfortunately neither of those are still available, but there are so many great carpets to choose from at Flor!

These tiles are so easy to install that it was a project I got to do while Trey worked on the wiring.

Man closet

Then we installed the closet pieces.

In my closet, we had a weird angle, so we added shelves on the end. I set up a jewelry station on the middle shelf.

In Trey's closet, we brought over a piece he had at our old house. Again, a HD piece that they don't sell anymore. I have dragged that specific piece to 4 houses now, and I would take it to Chicago if I could.

We used left over wire pieces to add shelves.

We used a double rod between the wall and the storage piece, and one rod on the other side for pants and suits.

Finally, the panel Trey worked on all patched up.

When we left this house, we left my closet alone, but took his storage piece with us.

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