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Strong Drive Primary Bath

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

In the house on Strong Dr. we had two bathrooms. You can see what we did with the guest bath here, and the reveal here.

We also had a small bathroom in the Primary Bedroom. It was small, it was blue, and the shower cave was so small that I couldn't fit in it. The shower head level was perfect for my 5' 4" frame, but most people aren't this short.

We thought about ways that we could keep the spectacular blue toilet in this space. We mulled over a lot of options. At the end of the day, we knew it would be tough to match that blue tile, and the toilet would just stand out. The shower was enclosed, dark and cramped. Once we opened this up and replaced the cabinet, there would be no blue to speak of. So we donated the toilet to a very happy renovator, and got to work on our "low budget" bathroom.

I knew we were making a bold statement in the guest bath, so I decided to go a bit understated in this one. If you google "mid-century modern bath", you will get a lot of wood tones and white tile. It is classic and timeless. I kept coming back to these three bathrooms.

While I love the blue floor tile in the middle, I was already doing concrete tile in the other bathroom, so I decided to forgo it here. I also think a black floor tile looks pretty sharp and classic in this design, but I opted for the concrete that would be in the rest of the house. This bathroom in in the Primary Bedroom, so the continuity of the floor would help the flow of the space. It was also cheaper than doing tile, so win win.

I loved the idea of putting a piece of furniture in here and really liked this dresser from West Elm.

It's a little pricier though, so I was happy to find it's twin on All Modern.

Here is a look at the design plan

I wanted something classic, simple and gender neutral. I also needed something a bit more budget friendly. The tile is 8 cents a tile. So doing an entire shower section and back wall wouldn't cost too much. Here's a look at the budget for this bathroom.

We ended up using a different faucet and rug, and didn't put glass in the shower. So we ended up coming in under budget!

See the reveal here.

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