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Strong Dr. Guest Bath Reveal

Here it is, the bath reveal. Let's take a quick look back, shall we?

The toilet and bathtub were both yellow, the vanity had been painted white, and the wallpaper looked original to the home. You can read here about why we chose to start over, how we came up with a design plan, and what I regret about using someone else's design.

We didn't change the layout, just the floor, vanity, countertop, sinks, faucets, lights, tile around the bath and on the walls, and the toilet. We took out the wallpaper, repainted everything, and reglazed the tub.

Here is a look at the tile going in.

See the yellow tub up there, that is what the tile in the shower was like and the toilet. We had to move the shower head and replacing those tiles would have been very difficult. Still, I went back and forth on saving the yellow tub. At some point, I had to take a leap of faith.

Here is a look at the design plan I used from Studio DIY!

I want reiterate that this is not my own design. I didn't borrow this from someone else, I took it from the coolest bathroom I have ever seen from Kelly Mindell at Studio DIY! I wish that, in the end, I had trusted my gut here and went with something new. In this post, I show all the options I considered for this room, and explain why I went with someone else's design. This house is on the market, so I knew I wouldn't be living with someone else's design for very long. Still, I feel all icky inside even sharing these pictures. It's a beautiful design, it just isn't mine. And it broke the bank, which it didn't need to. It is a lesson I clearly needed to learn, and will go forth with better confidence in the future.

Here is a list of where to find all these pieces.

Clé tile here and here

White tile

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