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Bunk Room Reveal

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Here is the reveal of the bunk room we did in my In Laws mountain home.

I'll get right to the pictures

This is a strange angle, but the only way to see the whole room.

Piece by piece, here are the before and after shots.

Before the bunk beds were for sure functional, but they were bigger than we needed them to be. I like the IKEA bunk beds because the overall frame is smaller. Those are the same mattresses that were in here before, just the frame allowed us to have the dressers side by side here.

The true before on this wall happened before I could get any pictures. There used to be a full bed with cabinets framing it here on this wall. In all, there was just one full bed and one twin bed when this room was first completed 20 years ago. My MIL added the bunk beds when I was expecting my 3rd girl and my SIL was expecting her first. The bunk beds were on the wall with the door originally, but were moved to this wall when the cabinets were removed.

Before wall

As you can see, there is a cove here because of the closet. The full bed will just fit lengthwise here, allowing the loft bed to be over it. We did try to get this part of the wall repainted, but it was Thanksgiving and the only store that carried this paint was closed for the week. So look past the unpainted part of this makeover.

By positioning the bed in a different direction than the loft bed, we could add a small table and lamp next to the full bed.

On the wall where the bunkbeds were originally placed, we added a TV and DVD player. It is not hooked up to the cable, so it only plays movies in the DVD player. Sometimes the kids just need more down time in their own space, and this gave us parents the opportunity to give them the down time with the movies we chose for them.

Here are just some more shots of what we did.

Some artwork...we call her Bessie

My kids are avid readers

Some late night reading light...

It was a long night of installing and the girls just wanted to go to bed, but we got it all done...

And they were super excited to be done!

I LOVED doing this room for the kids. Honestly, kids rooms are some of my favorite. You can be more flexible and more creative with kids and they seem to love everything you do. They have opinions, of course. But when it's all done, they really do love that you took the time to do a special design just for them. Seven years later, this design still holds up, and is still one of the rooms people love the most. Someday, they will all decide to put something else in here. But for now, the SEVEN girls (between the two families there are now 7 granddaughters aging from 8 months-19 years) have such varying tastes and interests that the "cabin" theme still works.

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