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Kitchen's I love

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I am a sucker for a well designed kitchen. But I like a kitchen that has some character and depth to it. A good clean white kitchen is a fan favorite, but I find them clean but a little boring. There are so many cool vibrant colorful kitchens out there, and since today is Easter and I have pink on the brain, I'd thought I'd show you my favorite pink kitchens. More blush than pink, but they are kitchens I would be happy to cook in any day!!

New York Apartment Kitchen

This kitchen is brought to you by Neal Beckstedt and featured in Architectural Digest. The cabinets here are resurfaced in a subtle peachy pink called Setting Plaster from Farrow & Ball. The detail on the cabinets combined with the hardware gets me every time I see this one. It is a great use of the small space that is super sophisticated.

Charlotte Chateau Kitchen

I came across this image by Natalie Papier in her Instagram account. Her work is breathtaking, classic and sophisticated. In a land

dominated by monochromatic basics of black and white with a splash of green or natural wood or leather, her eclectic and BOLD color choices speak to my design heart. Her subtle pink cabinets are no exception. But that gold trim under the countertops just takes this to a whole new level. The paint on her cabinets is Malted Milk by Sherwin Williams. Check out her Charlotte Chateau on Insta @home_ec_op. So worth the follow!

Beachy San Diego Kitchen

This is another example of cabinets painted in Farrow and Ball’s Setting Plaster. It looks so different because of the lighting and surrounding materials. All the white lightens up the color, while the minimal light and darker countertops of the first kitchen cast this color in a richer more sophisticated tone.

This San Diego kitchen is perfectly brought to you by Michelle Salz-Smith.

So if you are feeling a little adventurous, think spring, think sophistication, think unexpected...and go with pink!

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