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Muted Rainbows

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In celebration of Earth Day, I have a new favorite design element that I have seen everywhere. Muted rainbows. I have seen this in all sorts of different places, clothes, decor, and then I saw this laundry room over at Vintage Revivals.

Vintage Revivals Laundry room

This post is really worth the read. She did such a great job with this room. I did a quick google search for “rainbow tile” and nothing comes close to what Mandi has created here. First, the muted colors are perfectly on trend for rainbows right now. She also shows how her original design didn't quite work, and was able to rework a couple of things to get exactly what she wanted. Check it out here.

I felt like I had been seeing muted rainbows for a while now, so a quick search to Urban Outfitters reminded me of where I had seen this design element in full swing.

Urban outfitters rainbow textiels

1 // 2 // 3

They also had a bamboo curtain and bathing suit (which looks so much like something I wore in the 80's, but I digress).

I also found these gems. Two of which were so popular that they are sold out.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

And for more inspiration, check out these prints on Etsy

1 // 2 // 3

I like the rich earthy tones of all of these rainbows, but Mandy’s laundry room tile really took this to a whole new level. I have been following her blog for years, but haven’t been reading it much in the last year or so. TBH, I haven’t read blogs in general. I am not sure why, they just haven’t been in my sphere. I have always liked Mandy’s style, but you can see a depth and richness to her style that has evolved. Honestly, I am bummed I don’t have a room to put this tile in, so I could have thought of it first. I have found that when I try to mimic someone else’s style, I am never quite as happy with the results. When I go with my gut, I usually end up loving what I do. As much as I would love to have something like this in a room, I know it wouldn’t feel the same. So I am just going to admire this from a far.

Thanks Mandi for this brilliant space, and for sharing it with all of us!

Hope you are having a fantastic day and enjoying the only earth we have.

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