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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Last week we had a look at the downstairs of our new (to us) house. Here's a look at all of the before of our upstairs spaces.

First up, the hall. As you come up the stairs, you can see the doors to the master, and a landing that has a desk at it. And, yes, you can see under the desk was not fully painted.

upstairs Hall

This is the view over that edge. Our plans are to add an additional 400 square feet here. Where the desk is, that will be our new laundry nook.

look down from hall

If you walk towards the master bedroom, there was this loft space to the right...

Retreat before

Through the white doors is the master.

Doors into Master

As you walk through the doors, there is a fantastically large window. For the most part, this is a simple, purple, old carpet master bedroom.



To the right is where the bed traditionally goes.

To the left is where the closets and bathroom are. You can see the boy's closet's not as big, that's how we know it's not the girls' closet. Just a regular rectangle walk in.


Pretty plain his and her closets...



My closet had a funky angle on the right that we had to play around with.

Here's the master bath that's not quite all painted (I think they just ran out of the paint)...

Sometimes we don't finish projects and then life just happens and we learn to live with it. This was a short sale, so I don't blame them for not fixing this. Truth be told, we were in the house almost 8 months before we fixed this! Again, LIFE!

This door is just a linen closet

Linen closet

Linen closet

A look from the bathroom into the hall with the closets.

master bathroom

And here's the view out of the master, and back down the hall.


Looking at it now, that wall seems so small because the doors take up so much space!

As we pass down the hall we come across two front bedrooms that look almost identical.

The first one was pepto pink, and has an awkward closet that makes anything bigger than a twin bed too hard to position.

The second room has a bulkhead that makes the room a little odd. We like to make lemonade of our strangely laid out rooms, so we have alternative plans for these rooms.





At the end of that hall is the linen closet. The door swings in, taking up a ton of valuable usable floor space in here!

linen closet

Linen closet

To the left of that is the girls' bathroom.

As you come around that corner, there was a door for the toilet and shower.

This is my favorite!!!!SPONGE PAINT!!!!!! There was so much purple and sage green in this house, it really did remind me of the 90's. And the sponge paint was the kicker for the throw back of all throw backs. But I will say it again...most people decorate their house once, and never go back to update it because it's just too much work. And one update tends to show how much the rest of the house needs help. We are all guilty of that. This was a very lovely home that I know the previous owners LOVED. They were giving it up because the economy in Vegas tanked, and there were health issues better to be handled in CA. My heart ached for their loss. Our only hope was that we could honor their house with a renovation worthy of the love they had created in this home for so many years.

So stay tuned for the plans and the renovations of Grove Ridge!

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