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Bunk design plan

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The design plan was pretty with what you've got (space wise), and make it feel like it belongs. When we were done, this space could sleep 5, most likely 5 girls. At any given time, if all the cousins were there, or if just one of the families came and brought some friends, it would be a full house. And since there were two bunks, it would feel a little bit like camp. So that's what we went with. Here is the design plan.

Land of Nod Petite Chateau Bedding

Does anyone remember this awesome bedding from Land of Nod? The floral bedding was the Petite Chateau Bedding line from 2012. I loved it so much that I put it in my youngest daughter's room. I know that it is no longer available, but this line, shot at camp Wandawega (Check it out HERE) is so worth looking at! After having those vintage flowers in our own home, I knew they were the perfect camp vibe for this space. There are four beds to dress, and I wanted this to be on at least one of them.

Land of Nod plaid bedding

Next, I found this plaid bedding, also LON. It was the perfect compliment to the flowers. And really, what says "camp" more than plaid?!

We got a chance to see the bedding up close in Seattle when we were there for the weekend in August. There was so much to choose from, but alas, the budget.

Next, we needed beds! We still wanted bunk beds, and we planned on adding a loft bed over the full bed. What better place than IKEA (especially on the budget). The Tromsö bunk and loft beds were perfect. They still carried both in white, and we loved how the tall white beds reminded us of all the white aspen trees outside. The bunk was shorter (height and lengthwise) than what was in there already, giving us just enough space to put the two dressers back under the window.

Next, we needed just a couple of pieces of furniture...a nightstand next to the full bed, and some more storage between the bunks and the door. The IKEA Tarva side table and the Trofast were perfect for the job. The Trofast was going to be used to hold some electronics, books and overflow of clothes, so we opted for the shelves instead of the bins. I love that these pieces are just so versatile!

Finally, we brought some really fun art and accessories in. And yes, books...lots and lots of books. This space, no matter how it gets used, will always have at least one girl sitting and reading a book. And since the kids, at the time, were 9 months-12 years old, we had all kinds of books in there. But the favorite, by far, are the books that their grandma (Pooh Bear) would read to them before bed.

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