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GR Girls' bedroom (before)

Updated: Jun 20

It had been my dream that our three girls would get to share one bedroom. When we had two small bedrooms for them, we swapped every two years so no one ever had the privilege or the chore of being alone for more than 730 days (give or take). There is so much to learn by sharing a room, and that was incredibly important to us. So we kept coming back to this model with that in mind. We knew that we could build a space from scratch that could hold all three of the girls. 400 glorious feet of untapped potential awaited us on this journey, and it was the biggest project we had ever undertaken. It required plans to be drawn up and permits to be pulled. There were windows to board up, and new windows to be installed (for means of egress). There was a closet space meticulously planned with every square inch to be used, and a built in bookcase for their growing love for reading. It was the biggest transformation in a house that had all new flooring and paint colors throughout the home. And it was my favorite space in the whole house.

The west facing “before”. This is directly above our front door.

East facing “before” which faces our backyard.

The nice wide open view from below.

The top of the banister is where their door will go.

This desk would give way to a laundry nook. Our laundry was in the mudroom and wildly inconvenient since all the clothes were upstairs. One of the best decisions I made was to bring the washer and dryer upstairs!

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