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GR Girls' Room (progress)

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Once we got started, it all went pretty fast. We got keys at the end of March, and about five weeks later these pictures show a drastic change in the space. As the floor went in, we were so excited to see the walls going up, and the windows coming out.

Before, the expansive waste of space. After, this will end up being a popular hangout space for the girls.

As the walls come up, this banister will come down. But for now, it is a much needed safety rail.

These are the windows that will need to be boarded up. We had friends that bought this model a couple years after us. The previous owners added a floor here like we did in only half of the space though-so they added a loft not a room. They didn't remove the windows which was so weird to see. They looked just like this, two little eyes here just peeping over the floor. When those homeowner's chose to cap just part of this space with a "loft" they saved money. Legally, they didn't have to replace any of the windows or prepare for any means of egress. And I get it. But that layout made our friends house feel a bit choppy. When you walked in, there was a normal height ceiling, then vaulted ceilings for the dinning area, then normal size ceiling for the kitchen. This doesn't sound like a bad plan, you added 200 sq feet! However, visually, it was choppy and made the kitchen look small. Your eye adjusted to the different size ceilings by telling you that the kitchen was smaller. It happened in our house as well before we renovated. Once we capped this space, we were amazed at how much bigger our kitchen felt because it was all the same ceiling height. Just an added bonus to all this construction!

Excited kids

This is our girls doing a little dance for their new space. This was when they were still excited about all being in one space.

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