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GR Girls' Room (progress 2)

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Walls are up!!!!

As a reminder, here is what we started with.

Open space with nothing but extra heating and cooling costs.

Then we added the floor.

This was such a huge transformation and went up so much faster than I realized that it would.

We added windows so we could legally call this room a "bedroom", and took windows out.

And now we have actual walls up that define this space!

West facing view- East facing view- View into the hallway

the three windows are on the other side the curved wall is on the other side

Now that the walls are up, we can really imagine what will be going in here.

Daybed wall

This space will house Chloë's bed, AKA the daybed. She is the oldest, so it gives her her own "nook". I love this pic because you can see into the bathroom where we added the 18". That will be closed up soon, with HVAC running through part of it.

When this is complete, you will see a bookcase on your right, and two twin beds in front of you. Lilly will be up against the wall, and Rachel's bed will be "floating" in the room. She didn't love that idea, but she would rather be in the room with all of them than be alone.

A look into the closet. This sucker actually wraps all the way around. This is the weird nook you see in the floor plans. It is small, but we will put it to good use!

As for the design, I was inspired by this wallpaper. Funny story here. I found this paper on Urban Outfitters before we put an offer on the house. The pictures customers shared had this on just one wall. I thought it was too spectacular to be limited to just one wall. After we put an offer on the house, I checked back on my favorite wallpaper EVER, only to find it SOLD OUT!!!! My entire design hinged on this big element. I searched for two months to find something I loved as much as this, and NOTHING. In December, as I was doing some holiday shopping, I decided to check again, to see my favorite paper. It was a Christmas miracle!! Not only was it in stock, but it was on sale!!!!!! I got my 10 roles, even though we didn't actually have the house yet (it was a short sale that took just over five months to get). The next day, they were sold out again. I think they only had the 10 roles. So then I had to cross my fingers that not only would we get this house, but that this would be enough paper. By the time we would find out, it would have been long past the time to return the paper.

To this day, this is still my favorite paper ever.

This is the inspiration bed from Restoration Hardware. At the time, they only had two colors available, and at no time was the Eucalyptus color ever available. After an exhaustive search for fabric of this color and texture, I decided to buy it from RH. They didn't sell this fabric by the yard, so I purchased king size flat sheets. I worked with a local upholsterer in Vegas to make this bed and two headboards for the other twins. I chose one tufted headboard for Lilly because she was younger and more girly, and a simple headboard with round brass trim for Rachel who was, at the time, a little more preppy. Lilly's bed had a bedskirt in the same fabric that we got from RH, Rachel's had a fabric frame that we made. In the end, the daybed looked like a hybrid of the two other beds, with the tufting of Lilly's and the frame of Rachel's. The first daybed came in with ginormous arms (seriously, they were "hulk" level arms!). I sent pictures to the upholsterer and she fixed it right away. But when the beds arrived, the wallpaper was up. The combination of this green and the tomato red in the wallpaper was just so perfect!! Sadly, this color fabric is no longer available

The last piece we have here is this nook that was all Trey's idea.

This was wasted space because of the curve on the other side, so Trey suggested a "nook" for Lilly. You could not see this space when you walked into the room, so Lilly could keep it as messy as she wanted. She likes knick knacks almost as much as Chloë does, so it was a good place for small things to land. Rachel tends to be neat in her space, so this helped to keep the table between them clutter free (most of the time).

Big changes coming to this space!!

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