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Guest Room Closet

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We were in the Grove Ridge house for four years before we formalized the guest room. Prior to that, all we did was take out the door to the closet. Basically, the location of said door severely limited where we could place furniture in the room. The closet itself was super awkward and wasted so much space. Here's the layout.

GR guest room closet

This is the door we removed. Oh, and that pepto pink was replaced with SW Eider White.

There was not enough space on the left side to hang a bar. The back wall was too shallow to really hang a bar mostly because of the funky angle next to it. The wall on the right was the only real place to put a bar. For a long time, we just had a dresser in there, but it was too long, so it didn't actually butt up against the wall. I researched pieces at IKEA, Home Depot, Lowe's and the Container Store-all of my go to's. The space was just too awkward, so we left it alone. Then we had someone come to live in that space for a year. Before she got to our house, we knew we would have to make this work. I was incredibly discouraged by how limited I was to what we could do at a reasonable price.

So we decided to use the shallow back wall and make it work for us. We installed shallow shelves, perfect for folded tee's, knick knacks, and books.

GR guest room closet

As Trey started to install the shelves, I thought a nice contrast might be in order. So as he continued to build what we needed in this space, I painted the whole closet a dark grey.

GR guest room closet

We installed a mirror to make the top shelf more of a "getting ready" station. Next we added a small chandelier to keep this space feminine and fun.

Finally, we added a bar across the side wall and installed a double rod down below. A shelf above allowed for some more storage.

GR guest room

This was a very small but super functioning closet. I'm just bummed it took so long to get this done right.

The next owners found out they were pregnant right after they moved in. This room became the nursery for their baby girl. Mrs X told me that she loved rocking her baby and watching the light dance off the crystals in the mini chandelier.

No space, no matter how small, has to be an afterthought. There is always a way to work storage into any space!

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