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Grove Ridge Remodel

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

So here are the plans for the Grove Ridge remodel.

We will be renovating the shared bathroom, the loft area and adding square footage by capping the open space. We will also be moving the washer and dryer upstairs so we can have a larger mudroom.

Original floor plan

Here is the original floor plan for upstairs. The two front rooms will stay the same and just get new floors and paint. Here's a rough sketch of what we will be changing.

New Floor plan

Here is the new floor plan. In the girls' new room, there will be space enough for three beds and a large closet. As you can see, the space being added will have a curve to mirror the curve around the staircase landing. In the bedroom, there won't be a curve. We have used that space to hide some wires, and a nook that Lilly will be able to use for knick knacks. On the back side of the closet, there will be washer/dryer hookups. I like having laundry on the same floor as the clothes, and where they were in the mudroom was very cumbersome. Moving these appliances freed up space for the things that actually need to be in a mudroom.

In the shared bathroom, we are adding 18" to the east end of the room. We are taking that from the loft space that will end up being an office off of the Master. We made this decision because we have three girls. When we moved into this space, they were 8, 11 and 13. We knew they would only spend more time in that bathroom. We wanted them to have enough space to all be in there at once. We took out the east wall and the door in between the toilet and the sinks. On the other side of the tub wall, we will install selves for more storage. We are keeping the basic structure of the bathroom, just giving them some more space.

The office space is really my "craft room". Over the years I have scrapbooked, made cards, sewed, made jewelry, and helped my kids with projects they have had for school and for fun. All of those supplies needed a place to be out of the way from everything else. Having the door means I can shut off my mess when I hadn't quite finished a project at the end of the day.

In addition to these changes, Trey is rewiring the whole house (the builders did a horrible job of this the first time around). This will also allow him to add more can lights, as there was virtually no overhead lighting in any of the rooms. We will add new flooring and new paint everywhere. Vegas (and new builds in general) is known for its "orange peel" texture on the walls. It is a cheap way to get the drywall ready to be painted, and it looks cheap. Since we were doing so much drywall work on the second story, we decided to smooth out the texture throughout the entire house while we could.

Below are some design elements we have overall for the space.

Kitchen Design
Floors and paint colors
GR MB and Laundry
GR Girls' Room

GR Study and Girls' Bath

As you can see, I lean heavy towards deep blue's and oranges. The floors had a very subtle blue undertone to them that just made all of this so cohesive. Can't wait to show you how it all turned out!!

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